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Exfoliating scrubs

Exfoliating Coffee scrub with floral background

Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outermost surface of the skin. Like Me’s has exfoliating scrubs that use natural salts and sugars which have positive benefits for all skin types. Our Coffee, Brown Sugar Honey, and Himalayan Salt face and body scrubs are rich in natural oils, essential oils, and minerals for your everyday skin care needs. These scrubs do not strip your face of its natural oils and helps restore moisture.

Whipped body butters

Cinnamon Apple cider whipped body butter in the fall.

Our whipped body butter is great for wrinkles, blemishes, stretch marks, dry skin, and itchy skin. This blend of natural ingredients helps lock in moisture and soften dry flaky skin. Raw shea butter, raw coconut oil, tea tree oil, and biotin whipped with other essential oils to make the perfect body butter for all skin types. Like Me’s whipped body butter comes in a variety of season appropriate fragrances to keep you smelling good without the harsh chemicals.

milk and honey soap

Milk and Honey Face soap

A natural soap helps reduce irritation and inflammation while hydrating the skin. Natural soap does not strip your skin of its natural oils, instead it softens the skin and adds a natural glow.

yoni steam

Yoni steam, with rose petals, Calendula, rosemary and natural herbs

An alternative health treatment that uses a blend of natural herbs to help cleanse the vagina.

Wave and Scalp Moisturizer

Wave and scalp moisturizer

A natural moisturizer that stimulates the scalp and promotes healthier hair. This moisturizer can also be used for beard care. 

African Black soap

Real African black soap

Real, organic, authentic, raw african black soap.


Real Testimonials

Natural salt, essential oil, towel, and candle on wooden floor

 "Honestly as a guy I don’t frequently experiment with many products especially ones dealing with my face. I purchased the coffee scrub and was surprised to notice how hydrated and smooth my face felt after using it for the first time. Why waste money on expensive products that you bought for then name when there are amazing products handmade with you in mind? Definitely buying again, Thanks"

~ Kenneth S.

"After deployment, I also suffered from dry skin. When I found out about this product, I had to give it a try. Let me tell you!!!!! It applies really nicely, leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated and this scent is the!!! Got my skin looking like a goddess 😇. Love it!!!!"



Essential oils, and coconut oil on wooden floor

"Can I use the body butter on my face?"


"How often should I use the scrubs on my face?"

-It depends on the person. Do not over exfoliate. If your face or body becomes sensitive, irritated, or causes redness do not exfoliate for at least a week. Twice a week or less is ideal.  

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